Portland RV Show

It was a rainy weekend in Portland, so we decided to check out the Portland RV Show at the Expo Center. We figured this would be a great way to get some ideas for renovating and outfitting out own RV. In reality, we just spent the afternoon ogling all the shiny, new, expensive RVs. The people watching wasn’t bad either. We also picked up a set of leveling blocks that fit together like Legos and store in a neat little stack.

Brandon really liked the toy-haulers. These are long trailers with a hatch on the back that folds down into a ramp so that you can drive your 4-wheeler or motorcycle right into the RV.

My favorite was the new Airstream.


So sleek.

IMG_1676 So modern.


So very very white. As much as I like the aesthetic, I’m not sure white is the best color for camping. Camping usually involves dirt, grass, and BBQ sauce.


But the bathroom does have a pretty stained glass window.


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