Wedding Photos

Welcome to our wedding gallery! Here you will find all of the photos from our wedding as well as our wedding video and the photo shoot we did with the RV before the wedding. So keep on scrolling and be patient as the page loads! There’s lots to see!

The wedding photos are grouped into categories, beginning with a selection of our photographer’s favorite shots. There are over 1,000 photos total, so the favorites collection is a great place to start.

Click on any image to see a slide show of larger images. Please note that these are not full-sized images suitable for printing. If you would like the full-resolution version of any particular photo please get in touch with me (email, phone, text, comment here, Facebook, etc.) and I can send you the full-size version.

Also please be respectful of the fact that we are sharing all of our wedding photos in such a public manner. We want all of our friends and family to be able to see and share all of these wonderful memories. We do not want these images altered or used for any commercial purpose without our permission. Thanks!

Our wedding photographer’s name is Tara Welch and she was a joy to work with. I highly recommend hiring her for your next photo shoot or event! Contact her at

First stop, check out this fabulous slide show put together by Tara!

And our amazing wedding video, courtesy of the guys at Moonlit Weddings! We are so glad we chose to hire a videographer. Seeing our ceremony and hearing our vows brings tears every time. Contact Jake McDonald of Moonlit Weddings here.