So . . . we bought an RV!

Two weeks ago Brandon and I drove to Shelton, Washington to check out a used RV we found on Craigslist. We left immediately after work, only stopping by the house to grab a pillow and blanket (I was planning on sleeping in the car) and dinner to go (bananas with peanut butter and a bag of beef jerky – nutritious, I know). It was a two-hour drive and we were already exhausted. I had just started a new job and was totally drained from pretending like I knew what I was doing all day. And there we were, driving two-hours north on a Wednesday night to look at a 25-year old RV that we could barely afford. For a fully-functioning motorhome it was actually pretty cheap, but we would still have to drain all of our bank accounts to buy it. We spent the drive talking about all of the amazing adventures we would have and how long we could live off peanut butter and bananas.

Although the actual decision to buy our RV happened very fast, it was not as spontaneous as it might seem. We had been talking about RVs for months and travel in general for years.

After going on a sailing trip with my parents a few years ago we became infatuated with boats. We took sailing lessons and dreamed of buying a little boat of our own. But sailing and boats just haven’t fit into the reality of our daily lives. We also realized how much is just not accessible by boat. We started talking about land-based adventures. I was reading travel blogs about couples driving around the country, and even the world, in Volkswagen vans. Brandon was texting me pictures of 4×4 conversion vans and vintage buses turned into motorhomes. If you want to see an impressive feat of engineering (and Brandon’s dream RV) google “Earth Roamer”. I’m pretty sure you could drive through a war zone in one of those. It was all pretty fantastical.

Eventually, we began to see that this didn’t have to be unattainable. We had weekends (and holidays) and we had the contents of our savings accounts. We live in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by incredible landscape, yet there is so much of it that we haven’t seen. I’ve spent the last few years getting my law degree, which meant that I was studying most weekends. Quite frankly, we just didn’t get out much. We want to change that and that’s really what this RV is all about.

So, that Saturday we drove back to Washington and picked up our new RV. Brandon drove it home while I followed closely behind just in case it broke down on the way home. After all, it is 25-years old.

This could turn out to be one of the dumbest decisions we’ve ever made. Only time will tell. But right now I think it’s one of the best.

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