The Alpha 1

Our new rig is a 1994 Safari Serengeti motorhome. It is a 37 foot long diesel pusher, meaning that the engine is in the back. We will be making some improvements as we go, but for the most part the RV is ready to go!

For those of you that are wondering, yes, we intend to keep the name Alpha 1 even though this is a new RV. We really like the name and Alpha 2 just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I also don’t feel like changing the name of this website.

The name of our rig comes from a song written by our good friend Richard Dobson, “Corpus Christi Harbor” on his album Gulf Coast Tales. Richard is an old friend of my parents and an accomplished singer and writer of both song and prose. He has lived in Switzerland with his lovely wife Edith for the past 15 years, but much of his work revolves around the great state of Texas.

Regarding the song he writes: “A true story about a hurricane party on the Alpha One, a crew-boat I worked on out of Cove Harbor, Rockport, Texas. We were all seeking shelter. A few years later the Poet, the ship we tied up behind, would disappear without trace in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Regardless of Richard’s assurances, we listened to the song multiple times to be certain it was the Poet that sank, and not the Alpha One, before naming our rig after the vessel.

You can listen to the song below.










NOTE: These photos were taken by the seller, not myself. She took some great photos and I needed something to share until I took more photos of my own. I will post updated photos soon.

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