Howdy from Florence, Arizona!

First, I would like to recognize that the blog has gotten a bit out of date. As of writing this, we are actually in Texas. We had a few internet issues along the way (and a whole lot of catching up to do once we got to Texas) that kept me from updating the blog as frequently as I would have liked. But no worries, I will have the back-log of posts up in no time.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled entertainment:

As much as we loved Pirates Cove, it was time to hit the road again. This time we were bound for Florence, Arizona to visit Brandon’s dad.

I booked us a spot at the Rancho Sonora Inn & RV Park, one few RV parks I found in the area that was not described as a 55+ community. We knew Arizona to be a snowbird’s paradise and that was certaintly true. Even Rancho Sonora was almost exclusivly inhabited by retirees. Despite being dramatically younger than every other person in the park, our stay was perfectly lovely. Each spot was beautifully manicured with desert plants and the giant saguaro cacti could be seen all around. We had two right behind our camp! Continue reading “Howdy from Florence, Arizona!”