Work Weekend at Home

Instead of going camping this weekend we brought the RV home and parked it in front of our house for a work weekend, one of many to come. I spent most of the weekend inside behind my sewing machine, while Brandon took advantage of the dry weather outside.


This is a list of everything we accomplished.

  • Unpacked all of the stuff we’ve gathered to outfit the RV
  • Organized cabinets and storage hatches
  • Replaced the dry tank drain valve and made a custom mount plate because the screw holes were rotted out
  • Resealed every hatch and window
  • Replaced side marker lights
  • Stripped, painted, and applied new grip-tape to the running boards
  • Cut wooden boards that fit on top of the sink and stove to increase our counter space
  • Pulled, cleaned, and refit rubber window seals
  • Adjusted hatch latches to lock properly
  • Hemmed all of the curtains
  • Made a custom curtain for the cab. This way other campers can’t see into the RV while we’re parked.
  • We also hung some pretty sweet moose lights in the cab.

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