We’re gonna need a bigger boat

We probably both realized that our current RV wasn’t going to cut it the moment we decided we were going to go for the long haul. But neither of us said anything. Instead, we spent about a month discussing various modifications and storage solutions that would make the Alpha Uno work. NOTE: Alpha Uno has become an easy way to differentiate between the first RV and the new RV.

The finally straw for the Alpha Uno came when we took our recent trip to Manzanita. We had finally acquired all of the parts to tow the Jeep and this would be the first test. We need to be able to tow a vehicle for many reasons: there are places that we just can’t take an RV and yet want to see, safety in case the RV breaks down, and ability to make quick supply trips without breaking camp, etc.

After driving to Manzanita and back we learned that the Alpha Uno was capable of towing the Jeep, but just barely. We seriously struggled up the steep inclines on the way to the coast.  The RV is rated as capable of towing 3500 lbs and the Jeep weighs in at 3400 lbs. We made it, but it was an eye-opening drive.

We stopped for dinner after we dropped the RV off at storage and we both finally said out loud what we had both been thinking: we’re gonna need a bigger boat. Continue reading “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

Manzanita, Oregon

We planned a special trip this weekend to celebrate my birthday. At the recommendation of my boss, we decided to visit Nehalum Bay State Park and the little Oregon beach town of Manzanita. My boss has been visiting Manzanita for many years and couldn’t say enough nice things about this adorable little town. Lucky for us, we were both able to take Friday off from work so we would have some extra time. We really appreciated the extra day because this was also going to be our last trip in the Alpha 1. Continue reading “Manzanita, Oregon”