The IrieJoe


My parents are currently on a fantastic adventure of their own! They recently purchased a MaineCat 41, a forty-one foot catamaran sailboat. The boat was built in Maine by boat designer and builder Dick Vermuelen. They flew from Texas to Maine to pick up the new boat, named the IrieJoe, and are currently sailing the boat down the East coast to its permanent home in the Bahamas. The boat will be part of the charter fleet at MaineCat Charters in the Bahamas.

They are documenting their trip on their blog Check it out!  Continue reading “The IrieJoe”

Small House Big World



I’ve been reading travel blogs for years. These stories of people dropping everything to take off and see the world were a big inspiration for this trip. Reading stories of exploration and adventure allowed me to live vicariously through others while I was stuck at home studying (and planning my own big escape).

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Home Away From Home

The very first place we took the Alpha Uno was Champoeg State Park. It was our very first time camping together in an RV and also our first visit trip to an Oregon State Park (law school ruined our weekends for a few years). That trip was the beginning of this crazy plan, though we had no idea at the time. We still have a fondness for Champoeg because of that first trip. The park is also ridiculously close to our house and Brandon’s job. He can get to the park from his office in about 15 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes from our house. Bottom line, even with shorter days and less light, we were still able to get to our spot and set up before dark. And even without the nostalgia factor, Champoeg is a beautiful park that is very well laid out so that everyone has enough space and privacy. It is also very close to wine country and the town of Newberg (in case you forgot some necessity, like coffee or wine). Continue reading “Home Away From Home”

Recent RV Projects

When we can’t get out camping in the RV we like to spend time working on it. RVs are a bit like boats in that there is always something to fix or something that needs improvement. It’s essentially a big hole you throw your time and money in. Thankfully, we both enjoy fixing things and DIY projects so we do the majority of the work ourselves. Continue reading “Recent RV Projects”