The IrieJoe


My parents are currently on a fantastic adventure of their own! They recently purchased a MaineCat 41, a forty-one foot catamaran sailboat. The boat was built in Maine by boat designer and builder Dick Vermuelen. They flew from Texas to Maine to pick up the new boat, named the IrieJoe, and are currently sailing the boat down the East coast to its permanent home in the Bahamas. The boat will be part of the charter fleet at MaineCat Charters in the Bahamas.

They are documenting their trip on their blog Check it out! 

These are my parents. They look so happy to be out on the water!


Also on board are Captain Ralph and his wife Arlene. Ralph is a professional boat captain and will ensure that the boat and everyone on board arrives safely. I’ve heard that Arlene is a fantastic cook and keeps everyone well-fed.


Fair winds and happy sailing! We can’t wait to meet you guys in the Bahamas and take that boat out for a spin!

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