Moab Magic


We originally intended to be back in Texas by mid-November. We have friends and family to visit and lots to do before we pack our bags and fly to the Bahamas in early December. But that was before we got a Facebook message from our friends Jason and Becky in Portland. They were planning a trip to Moab, Utah in late November for Becky’s birthday and wondered if we would be in the area then. Ummm, yes! Of course we’ll be there! We met Becky and Jason through Jeep Nation, the Jeep group we became involved with when we lived in Oregon. Moab is world-renowned for off-roading and we had all been hoping to make it there one day. But Moab is not only a Jeeper’s paradise. Moab is also home to Arches National Park, a place I traveled to as a kid that I have always wanted to revisit. It was a win for everyone! Except maybe our friends and family in Texas, who would have to wait another two weeks to see us.

There is so much amazingness in Moab, and we covered so much territory, that I’ve decided to split this post into two parts. The bulk of the Jeep related content (and our visit with Becky and Jason) will be in the next post. This post will cover all of our adventures before Becky and Jason arrived, most notably, our visit to Arches National Park. Continue reading “Moab Magic”