Update: Alpha 1 is on the rum!


Those of you that also follow us on Facebook already know that we are currently in the Bahamas and having a ball. For those of you that only follow us here on the website, Welcome to the Bahamas!

We are spending the entire month of December down here with my parents on their boat, the Irie Joe. Our boat is a 41 foot sailing catamaran built by Maine Cat out of Bremen, Maine. The boat is part of the charter fleet with Maine Cat Charters, which means that it is available for rent part of the year and my parents retirement plan the rest of the year. For more info on the boat and chartering visit www.mecat.com.

The last time you heard from us we were off-roading through the sandstone canyons of Moab. Wow! We’ve gone through quite a change of scenery! Before we made our way to paradise here in the turqouise waters, we high-tailed it to Texas so we could spend Thanksgiving with family. It was the first time we had been home with family for Thanksgiving in six years! It was very special, but our visit was short.


After all the turkey had been devoured, we set about getting the Alpha 1 ready for a month of storage. It felt so strange to leave our home after so many months on the road. But we were headed to warmer weather and clear water and couldn’t feel luckier.

We’ve been in the Bahamas for a couple of weeks now. Actually, tomorrow is our last day on the boat. Thankfully, we plan to dull the pain of leaving the boat by staying at the Abaco Inn for a few days. From the Abaco Inn you can see the Sea of Abaco from one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. We haven’t seen it yet, but I can only imagine perfection.

I had hoped to blog our Bahamian adventures while we were here but we’ve run into a few problems. For starters, we discovered the joy of living on island time. Everything moves at slower place here. Everything also comes with a healthy dose of rum.  Nothing like rum to kick your level of productivity overboard. But mostly, the internet down here is slow and hard to find. Producing posts of the quality we like on a regular basis was just not feasible. After about a week of struggling to find wifi between the rum drinks and beaches, we decided to just enjoy our selves (take notes) and document the trip when we make it back to the states.

So stay tuned! New posts will be coming in January when we return.

Happy Holidays and Fair Winds!


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