Yes, we’re still in Texas . . . 

We had planned on leaving Texas and heading east by June 1st. Well, today is June 2nd and we are very much still here. 

If you live in Texas (or follow national weather conditions) you probably know that it has been raining in Texas for what seems like forever. And not just the light drizzle we became accustomed to in Portland. No, it has been pouring down buckets of water into the already full lakes and rivers. All of that water has to go somewhere and with the ground already saturated beyond capacity, it has caused severe flooding and damage throughout the state, including where we are in Cental Texas. But no worries, we are perfectly safe! We have been watching the weather and river levels closely and just move to higher ground when needed. 

However, the rain as also created a new problem for us: our roof is leaking. 

Our roof has leaked once before, when we first left Oregon and drove through a crazy storm on the way to Sacramento. Ever since then the roof leak has been a total mystery to us. We can’t predict when it will happen or where. Sometimes it rains and there is no leak. And how is it possible that we owned this RV in Oregon, where it rains all the time, and never experienced a leak! Even more frustrating, before we left Oregon we paid to have our roof seams sealed (by the same company that did the shoddy installation of that brake valve . . . ) Obviously, whatever they did either fixed nothing or made things worse. 

After lots of investigating and research we think we have found both the culprit and a solution. Our roof is made of fiberglass. When fiberglass ages in the sun it can become brittle and pourus. This could explain why the leaks seem to appear in such inconsistent places. Water is seeping through the fiberglass. We also think that we need to replace the gaskets around our A/C units. So the solution is to replace the gaskets and also have our roof treated with a type of rubber roof coating that will seal and reinforce the fiberglass. We think this should solve the problem. However, we can’t work on our roof in the rain. We need at least a day or two of consistent dry weather. Ha! So here we are, waiting out the Texas flood. 

We’ve decided that we might as well keep waiting for dry weather to fix the roof because we are also waiting on some important mail. We can’t leave until we receive my Texas drivers license (I doubt my temporary paper license will go over well out of state), the new camera we ordered (happy birthday to me!), and our cell signal booster (will be a necessity out west).  If we still haven’t been able to fix the roof by the time all of those packages arrive, we’re taking off and fixing the roof somewhere else, somewhere drier. 

Speaking of drier, we have also decided to change our route. We had originally planned on touring the eastern side of the US first. But all of this rain has made us rethink weather conditions. If we go east right now we will be driving through the south during the height of summer (and mosquito season) and then hanging out on the east coast during hurricane season. We also think that we would feel rushed to get back south again before early snowfall in the most northern states.  And finally, rain. If we go east it might still be raining. But if we go west . . . 

So there you have it, instead of turning right we’re turning left. We haven’t fully worked out the route yet, and we might just plan it as we go, but our first stop will be somewhere dry and our second stop will be somewhere in Colorado. After that we will likely head further north to visit the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and (ironically) Oregon! While the weather is still nice we would like to continue north through Washington and into Canada (neither of us has been). When the weather starts getting cooler we will head back south to visit the deserts in the southwestern states. Of course, this is a very loose plan, but I hope you stick with us to see where we end up. And hopefully in my next post you will find us on the road again with a lovely leak-free roof and no mention of anything breaking. 

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