Get Your Jeep Off The Street!

Hey everybody!

Your regularly scheduled blog post by Jenny has been hijacked by the cunning male operator of all these wonderful machines… Thats right, I Brandon will try to follow in Jenny’s blogging footsteps and try a post or two. Now, you’ve all been swooned by her elegant sentence structure and style, and by damn she’s good. Well this will not be your normal night of theatre… So for now you’re stuck with me! It’s time to talk about a man and his Jeep.  

As some of you have read in previous posts, we had the great fortune to find a wonderful Jeep group called Jeep Nation. When we bought our Jeep I undoubtedly knew this was the right vehicle for the job. It’s nice and light, capable off-road, decent on the highway, and just cool overall. There’s such rich history with these vehicles. The community behind these rigs has been one of the best parts of having a Jeep. I always knew they had that “cool factor”, much like old Volkswagen bugs and busses. I cant speak for their communities, but I’d put Jeep people, or for that matter the off road community, up there as some of the nicest groups around. It doesn’t really matter what you do for a living, have faith or not, left or right, the trails are the equalizer. It’s just a great time where we all enjoy what we love, the great outdoors and going wheeling! Jeep Nation showed me that first hand.

Some of you may remember the post from Browns Camp. You saw how rugged and gorgeous the landscape was (and how sharp rocks can be!).  Going on that run with that group had a pretty big affect on me. I always knew I’d have a blast going on this trip, but this gave me a new outlook on what else I wanted to see in this country. I wanted to see things you can’t google, places you can’t drive a bus or a prius, well off the beaten path. We have a huge country that is filled with gorgeous landscape and I wanted to see more than what could be found by rv window or scenic overlooks. So that’s where this madness comes from. I guess you could call it one man’s obsession!

So right before we left, and I mean like 7 days prior to rolling out, I was eager to go test out the new “Magic Ride” on the trails. I knew I couldn’t get too rowdy, I couldn’t risk breaking anything so close to our departure. I still planned on marrying Jenny at the end of the first leg of this trip and found it wise to to take it easy. That wouldn’t stop me from getting out one last time. So back to Browns Camp for us! I had asked a couple of heavy hitters from the Jeep group if they could show us around for one last time on some of the easier trails to get some nice pictures and just have fun. To my chagrin they accepted! So we met up one rainy ass Oregon morning to do some wheeling!

I was plagued by camera diffucilties all day but did manage to get some nice shots along the way. Now in the last post she explained “Flexing” to you. I really wanted to try these new outboards out. The guys who showed us around would be the mechanical equivalent of the dudes at muscle beach. Their jeeps are amazing. I knew they’d take us to all the right spots to do just that, flex on stuff. So strap in for the bumpy ride to Browns Camp 2.0!



One thought on “Get Your Jeep Off The Street!

  1. That’s impressive, but you’re killin’ me by taking a perfectly good vehicle and driving it on top of boulders and trees! Happy travels!


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