Oma and Nina

We recently had the pleasure of hosting both of Brandon’s grandmothers at the same time. They became very good friends after his parents got married and really enjoy traveling together. They are currently on a roadtrip through the western United States. They came to visit us after driving through California and before heading south again to visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

I have known Brandon’s maternal grandmother for years now. We all call her Nina. But this was my first time meeting his paternal grandmother. She goes by Oma. It was so much fun to finally meet her! This was thier first time visiting Oregon so on Saturday we took them to one of our favorite towns, Hood River, and one of our favorite wineries, Marchesi’s Vineyard. On the way there we stopped at Multnomah Falls. Overall, a fantasic day.

We love you both and look forward to seeing you again soon.



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